W3NL – Regional qualifiers

Format (more informations here) :

  • Groups played in round-robin (all teams meet each other)
  • 1x 2v2 + 3x 1v1. All matches are mandatory. Bo1 ace match in case of a draw*
  • Rank is determined, in priority, by the number of points (1 point per map, no points for an Ace match), then the number of matches won, then number of maps lost, then score in the face-to-face match.
  • Europe: 1st of each groups meet 2nd of others (based on a draw).
    => A total of 4 teams advance to Group Stage.
  • America: 1st of a group meet 2nd of the other, winners advance to Group Stage.
    => A total of 2 teams advance to Group Stage.

* Example of an Ace match requirement:

Nation A vs Nation B
Game 1 : Nation A won 2/0 => Nation A score 2 points
Game 2 : Nation B won 2/0 => Nation B score 2 points
Game 3 : Nation A won 2/1 => Nation A score 2 points & Nation B score 1point
Game 4 : Nation B won 2/1 => Nation B score 2 points & Nation A score 1point

Final score is 5/5, therefore an AceMatch is necessary to determinate the winner – this extra point doesn’t count for the overall ranking, but will be used a major condition in case of tie-break. Nation A won ace match 1/0 => Each Nation scored 5 points to the overall Ranking and Nation A would pass to next round in case of tie-break with Nation B.

Important: Vetoes and lineups are being done on NWC3L.com – please create an account there as it’s mandatory!

Seeds (based on Warcraft3.info ELO ranking):

  • Ukraine (#1)
  • Poland (#2)
  • Bulgaria (#3)
  • Serbia (#4)



Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
Admin: Nuhiro_MasudaAdmin: madAdmin: LinoBSCAdmin: Ember
Ukraine Poland Bulgaria Serbia
Hungaria Iran Bosnia and Herzegovina Kazakhstan
Czech Republic United Kingdom Greece Netherlands
Italy Croatia Turkey* Belarus
* Turkey has been banned from the tournament. More information here.

Matches can be arranged during the same week if both teams can’t make it at the default time below

  • Playday #1: September 27th, 17:00 CEST
    • Ukraine vs Hungary
    • Poland vs Iran
    • Bulgaria vs Greece
    • Czech Republic vs Italy
    • UK vs Croatia
    • Turkey vs Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • Serbia vs Kazakhstan
    • Netherlands vs Belarus

  • Playday #2: October 4th, 17:00 CEST
    • Ukraine vs Czech Republic
    • Poland vs UK
    • Bulgaria vs Turkey
    • Serbia vs Netherlands
    • Kazakhstan vs Austria
    • Austria vs Serbia

  • Playday #3: October 11th, 17:00 CEST
    • Ukraine vs Italy
    • Hungary vs Czech Republic
    • Poland vs Croatia
    • UK vs Iran
    • Greece vs Turkey
    • Bulgaria vs Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • Netherlands vs Austria
    • Serbia vs Belarus

  • Playday #4: October 18th, 17:00 CEST
    • Hungary vs Italy
    • Iran vs Croatia
    • Greece vs Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • Kazakhstan vs Belarus
    • Belarus vs Austria
    • Kazakhstan vs Netherlands
  • C/D Playoff match: October 24th, 17:00 CEST
    • Greece vs Austria
  • Europe Regional qualifier playoffs: October 25th, 17:00 CEST
    • Group A
      • Bulgaria vs Croatia
      • Ukraine vs Kazakhstan
    • Group B
      • Poland vs Czech Republic
      • Serbia vs Greece/ Austria



Group AGroup B
Admin: PsikeAdmin: TinkeR
Brazil Australia
Mexico New Zealand
Peru Singapore

Matches can be arranged during the same week if both teams can’t make it at the default time below.

  • Playday #1:
    • September 27th, 17:00 EST
      • Brazil vs Peru
    • September 27th, 17:00 ACT
      • Australia vs Singapore

  • Playday #2:
    • October 4th, 17:00 EST
      • Mexico vs Peru
    • October 4th, , 17:00 ACT
      • New Zealand vs Singapore

  • Playday #3:
    • October 11th, 17:00 EST
      • Brazil vs Mexico
    • October 11th, 17:00 ACT
      • Australia vs New Zealand

  • America Regional qualifier playoffs:
    • October 25th, 02:00 CEST (October 24th 21:00 UTC-3, October 25th 11:00 UTC+11)
      • Brazil vs Australia
    • October 25th, 04:00 CEST (October 24th 21:00 UTC-5, October 25th 15:00 UTC+13)
      • Peru vs New Zealand